Bespoke Shadow Boards | 5S Solutions

  • Increase workplace organisation and efficiency
  • Visually identify missing equipment with ease
  • Comes complete with your branding and colours
  • "Push and lock" system holds your tools securely in place
  • Boards made bespoke to fit your specific tools
  • Operate in accordance with 5S principles & methodology

Workplace Organisation Made Simple.

How much time do you waste frantically searching for a tool and wondering who had it last?

Put an end to having your tools spread randomly across your facility with our Shadow Boards - the best way to keep your workplace organised.

Designed and manufactured in-house, our shadow boards are made bespoke to your requirements and fit your specific tools. Silhouettes of your equipment are digitally latex printed, along with your corporate colours and branding, onto 7 year grade self adhesive polymeric vinyl and then expertly applied to a 3mm aluminium composite board, sized to your specification.

A choice of fixings keep your tools secure, from standard aluminium hooks to our innovative "push and lock" system.

What's more? When you choose us, you'll benefit from our FREE graphic design service and unlimited design proof changes at no extra cost!

Operate in accordance to 5S methodology & principles

5S methodology is governed by 5 key organisation principles: sort, set in order, shine, standardise & sustain.

This practice states that everything should have it's place and aims to improve workplace efficiency and detect abnormalities.

Whether you already operate with 5S principles in mind and are looking to optimise your processes or simply want to tidy up your workplace, our Shadow Boards are the solution for you.

"Push and lock" system holds your tools securely in place effortlessly

The "push and lock" clip system allows for secure storage and easy access for your tools. Firmly push your chosen tool into the clips to secure it and simply pull it out when you need to use it again.

Made completely bespoke to your specification

Regardless of your industry or nature of your business, we are able to produce completely bespoke Shadow Boards for even the most niche businesses. Just tell us what you need and we'll make it happen!

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