Case Study: Anti-Microbial Signage for Oxford Biomedica

Case Study: Anti-Microbial Signage for Oxford Biomedica

Oxford Biomedica, a gene therapy research and bioprocessing facility based in Oxfordshire, needed to update their fire exit signage to further ensure compliance with current safety sign legislation whilst adhering to strict infection and contamination control protocol. They called upon us, Signs, Safety & Surveys Ltd., to conduct a site survey to mark out where fire exit signs were needed and where existing signs needed to be replaced. Simple...not quite. This particular job was different to any other we had undertaken before; our client specifically required signs that had anti-microbial properties to help prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and contamination.

Our solution to this was to manufacture the signs using specially designed anti-microbial PVC combined with our polymeric vinyl and matched 7 year grade UV protective laminate system. The material we used was different to standard PVC due to it's extremely low porosity meaning that air, liquid and other particulates could not pass through it. Upon installation, our team applied edge sealer around the signs to further prevent contamination and the spread of microbes.


Anti-Microbial signage could be particularly useful, now more than ever, in a variety of settings including:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical research facilities
  • Restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues
  • Public transport

The list goes on.

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