Case Study: Transforming Fire Exit Signs For Power Stations

Fire exit signs are often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of safety signage, and rightly so; they are arguably one of the most important types of safety sign. Without them, no one would know where to go to remain safe in the event of a fire, so making sure they are in place is one thing but ensuring they are effective and compliant is another challenge all together.

A new power station recently approached us, requesting that we conduct a comprehensive review/survey of their existing fire exit signage. What we found was that, although technically the signs featured symbols that were compliant with current legislation, the issue we found was that the way the signs were made and how they were fixed was problematic.

One of the biggest problems, both financially and logistically, was that the signs had been made from wood and then the sign had been applied on top using self adhesive vinyl, it goes without saying that this isn't the most appropriate material to use to make a fire exit sign. As you can see the in the image above, another obvious issue with the existing signs was that they were poorly fixed using cable ties. Given the material the signs were made from, the cable ties could give way at anytime, causing the sign to fall and potentially cause injury or damage mechanical machinery.

To resolve this, we manufactured over 300 brand new 450 x 150mm fire exit signs on vertical mounting channel using 3mm aluminium composite material combined with our 7 year grade polymeric digitally printed vinyl and matched UV protective laminate system, and then installed each and every one using the correct 50mm fixing clips to ensure that they were fitted securely. Not only did we eliminate the risk of the signs falling off, we also provided the very happy client with more professional looking signs to last for many years to come.

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