The Safety Sign Secret We Want You To Know!

So obviously you're not getting your safety signs from a are?!

Don't worry, most people are, they're surprisingly cheap, right?

It's often said that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is and there's no exceptions to that rule when it comes to safety signage. We're here to help and today we want to share with you our signage secret.

Look, we're not saying we have a magic wand to instantly make better use of your budget (although, our sign audits are the next best thing) but what we are saying is that we have 30 years of sign industry experience and we know what makes a truly great value safety sign and what makes a cheaply made quick-fix that will last you 5 minutes.

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So what's this big secret?

Well, it's simple. Did you know that safety signs are not all made equal? Here's how you make sure you're getting a great sign.

Have you noticed some of your signs becoming harder to read? They may well be fading and that's not good. Many catalogue signs are made by a process called Screen Printing. Screen printing is a process whereby a mesh template is used to transfer ink on to a substrate like aluminium or PVC. Now this process does have it's advantages. It's low-cost, fast and good for producing large batches of one type of sign. However, these are outweighed by disadvantages such as limited colour ranges, poor durability especially outside, and that it's very susceptible to fading over a relatively short period of time due to exposure to UV rays/sunlight. This is why you can get hold of catalogue signs dirt cheap; you're simply not getting the longevity that signs made by other processes can provide. It's not so much of an issue if you're after a display board or decorative sign but when it comes to safety signs, you can't afford to compromise. A faded sign could prevent someone from working safely and jeopardise their safety if it cannot be read and therefore would need to be replaced.

How do you prevent signs from fading and how do you know that you're buying a sign that won't fade?

Digital latex printing combined with 7 year grade polymeric vinyl and matched UV protective laminate is the way to go for safety signs. Sound expensive? It actually isn't. In fact, these signs last up to 7x longer than screen printed signs, saving you money over time. See the difference for yourself:

The sign on the left looks like something from a horror movie, doesn't it?! That's because it has faded overtime due to exposure to sunlight.

The sign on the right has been digitally latex printed on 7 year grade vinyl and has then been laminated with a matched UV protective laminate, keeping it vibrant and legible for up to 7 years.

Digital latex printing is a type of laser jet or inkjet printing, a process similar to what your home printer uses but on a much larger scale.

This process boasts several key advantages over screen printing such as:

  • Faster turn-around time due to no pre-print setup process.
  • Wider range of colours thanks to CMYK printheads.
  • Near limitless printing capabilities - can print photos accurately as well as bespoke designs.
  • Can print on a larger range of signage media such as self adhesive vinyl, PVC banner, magnetic material, contra vision and more.
  • Enhanced protection against fading - latex ink has UV protective properties.

Combined with a matched UV protective laminate, we are confident that Digital Latex Printing is the secret weapon to long-lasting and cost effective signage, which is why we only make our signs this way.

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