Working from home? We made 5 signs just for you!

We're now in the middle of a third national lockdown, which for many of us, means a return to the home office; better known as the kitchen table or living room sofa!

If you're now working from home, we've made 5 safety signs specifically for you which outline our top tips for making the whole ordeal that little bit more enjoyable.

1 - Maintain a good posture

Without the luxury of a fancy ergonomic office chair, it can be hard to maintain a good posture. Make sure you sit up straight and create a workspace that allows you to minimise strain on your back and neck.

2 - Put some background music on

If you don't usually have the radio on at work, this is your office now, put some music on! Having some background music on will make your working day less bland and may even help simulate the noise of the busy office, providing you with a little bit of normality!

3 - Still make rounds of tea...even if it's just for yourself

It may sound like common sense but it's easy to forget - make sure you drink plenty of water and tea or coffee.

4 - Stay informed, don't overload yourself.

Avoid excessively checking the news. It's important to stay informed, but don't overload yourself - keep a positive mindset and remember this is all temporary.

5 - Take care of your physical and mental well-being.

Look after yourself and do what makes you feel good! Use your lunch break to practice your hobby, chill out or practice mindfulness.

We hope these safety signs help make your working from home experience more enjoyable.

Stay safe,

Best Wishes,

The Team @ Signs, Safety & Surveys Ltd.