Article | 17th March 2020

In light of the recent pandemic, we're taking measures as a company to prevent the spread of infection. A part of that is making sure we make available the appropriate signage to help our customers to do the same. So we've come up with, in our opinion, the best 5 of many sign solutions to aid you in your strategy to stop the spread of infection.

1. COVID-19 Information & Self-Screening Notice

This notice is an absolute must-have for the entrances of offices, factories, power stations and other busy sites. It tells people what they should do if they have any of the outlined symptoms and - if they are safe to enter - what procedures they must follow.

2. "Wash Your Hands" Signs

You more than likely have these in your toilets around site already, because there is no denying the importance of washing your hands, especially with the government advising us to wash them more frequently due to the outbreak.

3. Custom How to "Handwash" Notice

This custom "How To Handwash?" notice instructs staff how to properly wash their hands whilst tying in nicely with your corporate branding. We'll rework our example above to display your logo, slogan, corporate colours and more to give it that personal touch. It's available as a pop-up banner, rigid sign and pretty much in any format you like.

4. Coronavirus Infographic Signs

Educate staff and visitors about the virus with infographic signs like the examples above.

5. Bespoke Signs

If you have your own idea in mind, let us know and we'll make it for you. There is virtually no limit as to what we can make for you.

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