Article | 26th Feb 2020

We are now seeing first-hand the profound effects that global warming is having on our planet; we have a duty as human beings to protect it. From the unseasonable weather in the UK to the recent wildfires in Australia, we no longer have an excuse not to act.

That's why we announced earlier this week that we're stepping up to the plate, on behalf of the signage industry, to offer a greener, more environmentally friendly approach to helping you keep up-to-date with your safety sign responsibilities. If your company is BIG on saving the planet, then you definitely want to keep reading - you've made an extensive effort to instil a "think planet" attitude within your company so why not extend that by using a sign company that cares as much as you do.

Our "Re-Use, Renovate, Recover" campaign aims to minimise our carbon footprint. By simply re-covering your existing panels that are deemed to be in good enough condition with our 7-year-grade matched polymeric vinyl and UV laminate, we'll reduce the number of lorry deliveries we need for new panels which - in turn - will cut carbon emissions.

Help us in our sustainability mission by requesting an overlay rather than a brand new sign if you think your existing panel can be reused. We'll also advise on where this opportunity can be taken when we conduct site surveys.


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