Article | 5th Dec 2019

What is a Sign Survey / Audit?

Choosing to book a survey with Signs, Safety & Surveys Ltd. is the easiest way to ensure your safety signs are compliant with current legislation. Quite simply, Charlie will come to site and, with 30 years of industry experience, conduct a comprehensive review of your safety signage. We look out for "red flags" that may identify a sign as non-compliant such as temporary laminated signs being used as a permanent measure, non ISO standardised symbols, fading, damage, text-only signs and more. Charlie will then mark on a site map where new signs are needed so that our team can put together a quote for you, and get you compliant with current legislation in no time.

Won't you just want to put signs up everywhere?

Absolutely not. We'll ensure that your site remains compliant using a few signs as possible. An issue we've seen frequently in the past with sites across various industries is that they actually have too many signs in one place. This is called "Sign Blindness". Our mission is to eliminate this by actually removing signs where there are too many, and replacing them with a single, easy-to-read Multi-Purpose Sign which displays mandatory, prohibition and warning notices neatly on one board.

So what makes you different?

We are so much more than a sign company, and we strongly believe that no one does what we do. Most other sign companies will be quite happy to just send you a catalogue and for you to tell them what you need. That seems a bit backwards to us. We prefer to have a close-working relationship with our clients and we'll advise you on exactly what you require, so there's no more second-guessing yourself on what you may or may not need.

Many companies choose to screen print their signs. We don't. Why?; because they'll fade over a short period of time. We make our signs in-house using a 7 Year-Grade, Latex Printed, Matched Polymeric Vinyl and Protective UV Laminate System. This just means that your signs have a 7 Year No Fade Guarantee, so you won't have to re-purchase time and time again. Signage is something you should be proud of. That's why we'll also help reinforce your corporate identity by adding your logo, slogan and other graphics onto your brand new signs at NO EXTRA COST! After all, you'll want visitors to know that you take pride in your signs.

Who do your clients include?

We've surveyed, and continue to fulfil sign projects for some of the biggest names in industries such as Oil & Energy, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and more! Our clients include EDF Energy, Waitrose, BWSC, DS Smith, Uniper, URENCO, Oxford Biomedica, Knauf, Smurfit Kappa and more! See our portfolio here!

How do I book?

Simply give us a call or send us an email.

Call: 01580 388016 / 01580 388017


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