Article | 29th July 2020

A Shadow Board is just one of the many bespoke boards that we design, manufacture and install here at Signs, Safety & Surveys Ltd. Simple, yet proven to be extremely effective in helping companies implement 5S methodology in the workplace, Shadow Boards provide an allocated location for equipment and hand tools such as brooms, brushes, sprays, hammers and drills when they're not being used, by mounting to the board.

It's easy to see when a piece of equipment is being used by simply looking at the board where a "shadow" of the item will remain. This prevents items from getting lost or damaged as employees will know to return the piece of equipment to it's corresponding shadow when they're finished with it.

Whether you are a manufacturing plant or power station, no matter what industry you work in, these boards have a whole host of benefits that are plain to see upon implementation:

  • Get organised: no more loose tools scattered chaotically across the work bench, tools have their own home.
  • Track your tools: creating a system where tools must be returned after use makes it easy to track who used specific pieces of equipment last and where they are.
  • Create corporate synergy: our stylish custom branded boards help reinforce your corporate identity across site.
  • Reach performance targets: when used efficiently, shadow boards can help you significantly improve KPIs by eliminating the need to waste time searching frantically for tools, just go to the board and take what you require.
  • Make it magnetic: for smaller, metal tools such as rulers, files, screwdrivers, spanners and more, we are proud to offer "touch and go" magnetic boards for items that do not require mounting brackets.
  • Integrate a notice board: our versatile drywipe laminate turns your Shadow Board into a wipe board should you require to add notes around tools etc.

Thanet Earth, a leading industrial agriculture and plant factory based on the Isle of Thanet in Kent, recently discovered the benefits of our Shadow Boards.

If you'd like your very own custom board designed, manufactured and installed, give us a call, we'd love to hear from you.

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