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When it comes to safety, only the best of the best will do.

A sign's Achilles heel is it's susceptibility to fading due to exposure to sunlight. In as a little as a year, effects of sunlight exposure begin to show on cheaper, catalogue-bought signs as UV rays alter the colour pigment in the ink on the sign, giving it a 'washed out' appearance, often to the point where the sign can no longer be read or understood.

This is why you may have seen faded signs on site and have to had to re-purchase the same sign time and time again.

Our signs last up to 7 years without fading.

Scroll down to find out how our manufacturing process works!

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Artwork Digitally Latex Printed On 7 Year Grade Polymeric Vinyl

Latex printing is extremely versatile and advantageous in the world of sign making. We combine the colour preservative and UV protective properties of the ink with our 7 year grade polymeric vinyl to create a sign that is remarkably resistant to fading for up to 7 years.

Print Coated in Matched 7 Year Grade UV Protective Laminate

We then use our wide format laminator to apply a matched 7 year grade UV protective laminate on top of the vinyl to provide an added level of protection against UV rays.

Laminated Print Applied To Substrate