Four steps pave the way to total safety sign compliance. The first is booking a Sign Audit with us.

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Safety Sign Compliance | It All Starts With A Sign Audit/Survey

What is a Sign Audit?

A safety sign audit, more commonly referred to as a sign survey, is a comprehensive review of all safety signs on a particular site or premises.
We identify signs that do not comply with current legislation, areas with too many signs, faded signs, broken signs and any incorrect signage.
A marked map showing sign locations and artwork for new signage will be provided.

Why should I book an Audit?

All safety signage in the UK must conform to current legislation. It is your responsibility as an employer to provide a safe-working environment for all employees and visitors to site by ensuring that the correct signs are in place and maintained.

Some Of The Things We Look Out For

Faded Signs

Faded signs are amongst the most common non-compliances we come across. It happens mostly on cheap screen printed signs bought from a catalogue.
Cheap catalogue signs may seem like a bargain but as they say, if something seems to good to be true then it probably is - signs of fading can begin in as little as a year, sometimes even sooner!

Laminated Signs

Laminated signs are fine to use only as a temporary measure until the proper compliant sign arrives. However, it is non-compliant to use a make shift sign as a permanent measure.

Too Many Signs

While, surprisingly, this isn't a breach of legislation, having too many signs in one place can be really confusing - this is called Sign Blindness; where there are so many signs that you don't where to look. While you've definitely covered your bases when it comes to having enough signs, it's better to combine multiple messages onto one board as it is so much easier to read.

We Do It All - Survey | Design | Manufacture | Install


We conduct comprehensive site safety sign surveys across the UK, helping some of the country's biggest companies achieve total safety sign compliance and uphold their safe reputation.


Our talented in-house design team work to your specification, providing you with completely bespoke safety signs to create a corporate synergy across site.


Our customers expect the best of the best; rightly so. We manufacture our signs in-house using only our 7 Year Grade Matched Polymeric Vinyl and UV Laminate System.


We don't just make signs and send them out. We take care of the entire process. That's why our fully accredited installation team have been a key component to the transformation of our clients' sites for over 8 years.

Our service is second to none - it's why we're trusted by some of the UK's biggest companies.